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Funk, Wilhelm Heinrich 1866 - 1949Anonymous04/18/2013
Fenimore, Thomas J.notes
Thomas J. Fenimore was 31 years of age when he died of typhoid fever on July 31, 1873 in Philadelphia, PA.  He was, therefore, born either in 1841 or 1842.  He began as a house painter but turned to fine art.  According the his death notice in the Philadelphia Inquirer of August 2, 1873, "some pictures lately painted by him show that he was...
1842 - 1873Anonymous01/13/2013
Forbes, Edwinnotes
Edwin Austin Forbes (1839 – March 6, 1895) was an American landscape painter and etcher who first gained fame during the American Civil Warfor his detailed and dramatic sketches of military subjects, including battlefield combat scenes. Biography Forbes was born in New York, studied under A. F. Tait, and began as an animal and landscape...
1839 - 1895Anonymous12/27/2012
Frost, Francis Sethnotes
Francis Seth Frost, usually referred to (incorrectly) as Francis Shedd Frost, was born in West Cambridge, Massachusetts in late April 1825 to Anstress Trow, a native of Mont Vernon, New Hampshire.   Whether Frost had any artistic training is unknown, but he clearly was painting by the late 1840's.  In 1853 Frost climbed to the Tip Top House on Mount...
1825 - 1902Anonymous12/14/2012
Fisher, D.A.notes
Fisher is known to have lived in Portland, ME.  He worked at Cumberland County Power and Light (along with Frederick J. Ilsey of the Brushians group).  Although not a member of the Brushians group of Portland, ME, his paintings are similar to theirs in size, style, and subject matter.
Died after 1904Anonymous12/10/2012
Fuechsel, Hermann Traugott Louisnotes
Hermann Fuechsel studied in Munich and in Dusseldorf, under Brander and C. F. Lessing, before coming to the U.S. in 1858.  He was a  member of the Artists Fund Society.  He began exhibiting in 1860 at the Boston Athenaeum and the American Art Union.  The Crayon for February of that year noted: " ... Mr. Fuechsel has completed a sunny mountain...
1833 - 1915Anonymous12/08/2012
Freeman, Bradfordnotes
  Little is known about the artist Bradford Freeman.  During the 1860 Boston census, he was 21 years old and living with his parents and sister in Boston.   Consistent with the few paintings he is known to have painted, he died at an early age in 1875.  He exhibited with Benjamin Champney (1817-1907) as evidenced by the following excerpt (pictured)...
1839 - 1875Anonymous12/08/2012
Fernow, Bernice Pauahi Andrews 1881 - 1969Anonymous10/14/2012
Flagg, George Whitingnotes
George Whiting Flagg (June 26, 1816 - January 5, 1897)(DOD- verified New York Times Jan. 12, 1897- Death List Of A Day) from New Haven, Connecticut, was an American painter of historical scenes and genre pictures. He was the brother of the artist Jared Bradley Flagg. George Whiting Flagg lived out his later years at his home located at 12...
1816 -  1897Anonymous06/18/2012
Francis, John F.notes
John F. Francis (Philadelphia, Aug 13, 1808 – Jeffersonville, Nov 15, 1886) was an American painter, primarily of still lifes. He was born in Philadelphia. Predominantly self-taught as an artist, he worked until 1845 as a portrait painter in central and eastern Pennsylvania. Francis's portraits reveal his early fascination with the most minute...
1808 - 1886Anonymous06/11/2012
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