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Grant, Clement Rollinsnotes
Clement Rollins Grant was a painter-etcher who was born in 1849 in Freeport, Maine. He studied in England in 1867, before setting up studios at 112 West Street in Boston (1882-) and Broadway & 33 rd Street and 80 Washington Square, New York City (1883-) and he rapidly became recognized as a competent realist who specialized in human genre...
1849 -  1893Anonymous03/15/2014
Gignoux, Regis-Francoisnotes
Régis François Gignoux (1816–1882) was a French painter who was active in the United States from 1840 to 1870. He was born in Lyon, France and studied at the École des Beaux-Arts under the French historical painter Hippolyte Delaroche, who inspired Gignoux to turn his talents toward landscape painting.[1] Gignoux arrived in the United States from...
1816 - 1882Anonymous12/21/2012
Gifford, Sanford Robinsonnotes
Sanford Robinson Gifford (July 10, 1823 – August 29, 1880) was an American landscape painter and one of the leading members of the Hudson River School. Gifford's landscapes are known for their emphasis on light and soft atmospheric effects, and he is regarded as a practitioner of Luminism, an offshoot style of the Hudson River School. Not to...
1823 - 1880Anonymous12/21/2012
Groll, Albert Lorey 1866 - 1952Anonymous11/12/2012
Gifford, Charles H.notes
Charles H. Gifford was born in New Bedford, MA.  He was a late second-generation Hudson River School painter.  His canvases show a distinct preference for quiet scenes in which a luminous atmosphere veils roughness, light shines with clarity and stillness is achieved by means of even brushstrokes. The luminist quality of his paintings was an...
1839 - 1904Anonymous10/13/2012
Grose, Daniel Charlesnotes
Daniel Charles Grose (1838–1900) was a prolific Canadian - American painter of the Hudson River School who was active between 1865 and 1900. History Daniel Charles Grose was born ca. 1838. His parents’ names are not known. Several sources indicate his Uncle was English antiquary Francis Grose, however, this assertion appears to be based on...
1838 -  1900Anonymous07/28/2012
Gray, Henry Petersnotes
Henry Peters Gray (June 23, 1819 - November 12, 1877) was an American portrait and genre painter. Born in New York City he was a pupil of Daniel Huntington in New York, and subsequently studied in Rome and Florence. Elected a member of the National Academy of Design in 1842, he succeeded Huntington as president in 1870, holding the position...
1819 -  1877Anonymous06/18/2012
Gay, Walter 1856 - 1937Anonymous06/08/2012
Guy, Seymour Josephnotes
Seymour Joseph Guy established a reputation in the United States in the mid-nineteenth century as one of the finest genre painters of children. His primarily cabinet-sized pictures were esteemed by his fellow artists and leading collectors of American art. He was widely respected for his technical ability and knowledge of the science of painting,...
1824 -  1910Anonymous05/16/2012
Goldthwaite, Anne 1869 - 1944Anonymous05/16/2012
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