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Selinger, Emily Harrisnotes
Emily Harris Selinger graduated from the Providence (Rhode Island) High School, then attended the Cooper Institute of Design in New York City.  She also studied with Amalia Rocchi in Florence and Margaret Roosenboom in Holland.  She married the painter, Jean Paul Selinger, in 1882.  Emily Selinger was a painter, an author and poet, who was active in...
1848 - 1927Anonymous12/27/2012
Sprague, Isaacnotes
Isaac Sprague (September 5, 1811–1895) was a self-taught landscape, botanical, and ornithological painter. He was America's best known botanical illustrator of his day. Sprague was born in Hingham, Massachusetts and apprenticed with his uncle as a carriage painter. In 1843, Sprague served as an assistant to John James Audubon on an ornithological...
1811 - 1895Anonymous12/27/2012
Symons, George Gardnernotes
A landscape and marine artist, George Symons was one of America's more noted plein-air painters who combined styles of impressionism and realism. His works are cited for their energy and simplicity, and he often did panoramic views. He was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1861, with the name of George Gardner Simon, but he changed his last name to...
1863 - 1930Anonymous12/25/2012
Shannon, Sir James Jebusanotes
Sir James Jebusa Shannon (1862 - 1923), Anglo-American artist, was born in Auburn, New York, and at the age of eight was taken by his parents to Canada. When he was sixteen, he went to England, where he studied at South Kensington, and after three years won the gold medal for figure painting. His portrait of the Hon. Horatia Stopford , one of the...
1862 - 1923Anonymous12/25/2012
Selinger, Jean Paulnotes
Jean Paul Selinger (1850-1909) and Emily Selinger (1848-1927), husband and wife, had summer art studios at the Glen House and the Crawford House.  Born in Boston, Jean Paul studied at the Lowell Institute and in 1875 he went to Germany to study at the Munich Academy with Wilhelm Leibl.  Upon returning, he opened an art studio in Providence, Rhode...
1850 - 1909Anonymous12/25/2012
Sharp, Joseph H. 1859 - 1953Anonymous12/23/2012
Sullivan, M.A. Active ca. 1868Anonymous12/23/2012
Sargent, Mary Newbold 1826 - 1906Anonymous12/23/2012
Sommer, Otto Born 1850Anonymous12/21/2012
Stark, Ottonotes
Otto Stark (1859–1926) was an American Impressionist painter who was considered to be a member of the Hoosier Group of Indiana artists. Stark's work most clearly showed the influence of Impressionism, and he often featured children in his work. He began his career as a commercial woodcarver's apprentice in Indianapolis until an ankle injury...
1859 - 1926Anonymous11/17/2012
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