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Underwood, Clarence 1871 - 1929Anonymous12/23/2012
Ufer, Walternotes
Walter Ufer (July 22, 1876 – August 2, 1936) was an American artist based in Taos, New Mexico. His most notable work focuses on scenes of Native American life, particularly of the Pueblo Indians. Ufer was born of German immigrant parents and raised in Kentucky. After an apprenticeship as a lithographer, he went to Europe where he was a...
1876 - 1936Anonymous12/23/2012
Ulrich, Charles Fredericknotes
Expatriate painter Charles Frederick Ulrich documented the ordinary life of immigrants, craftsmen, and other rarely portrayed subjects in late nineteenth-century Europe and America in interior genre scenes, or scenes of everyday life, that emphasize the subtle effects of daylight. Ulrich was a native of New York City and the son of a photographer....
1858 - 1908Anonymous06/04/2012
Unger, Leopold Paul 1812 - 1859Anonymous03/31/2012
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