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Juergens, Alfred 1866 - 1934Anonymous12/24/2012
Jefferys, Charles Williamnotes
Charles William Jefferys (August 25, 1869 – October 8, 1951) was a Canadian painter, illustrator, author, and teacher best known as a historical illustrator. Biography Born in Rochester, England, Jefferys arrived in Toronto, Ontario (after living in Philadelphia and Hamilton, Ontario) with his family around 1880. After attending school, he...
1869 - 1951Anonymous12/22/2012
Johansen, John Christen 1876 - 1964Anonymous10/15/2012
Jones, Francis Coatesnotes
Throughout a varied career that embraced mural painting and interior design as well as easel painting, Francis Coates Jones pursued the perennial theme of women and children in intimate settings. Jones was born in Baltimore, son of a successful businessman. Although his older brother, Hugh Bolton Jones (1848–1927), was a landscape painter,...
1857 - 1932Anonymous06/18/2012
Johnson, Frank Tenneynotes
Frank Tenney Johnson (26 June 1874–1 January 1939) was a painter of the american west, and he popularized a style of painting cowboys which became known as "The Johnson Moonlight Technique". Somewhere on the Range is an example of Johnson's moonlight technique. To paint his paintings he used knives, fingers and brushes. Biography Early...
1874 - 1939Anonymous05/17/2012
Jamieson, Bernice Evelynnotes
An artist and teacher at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1940, Bernice Jamieson was also a curator of New Jersey painters for the New Jersey State Museum in Trenton from the mid 1940s to the 1960s. Source: Peter Falk, "Who Was Who in American Art"
1898 - 1977Anonymous05/17/2012
Jongers, Alphonse 1872 - 1945Anonymous05/17/2012
Johnson, Joshuanotes
Joshua Johnson (c.1763-c.1824) was an American biracial painter from the Baltimore area. Johnson, often viewed as the first person of color to make a living as a painter in the United States, is known for his naïve paintings of prominent Maryland residents. Mysterious life It was not until 1939 that the identity of the painter of elite 19th...
1763 - 1824Anonymous05/17/2012
Johnston, David Claypoolenotes
David Claypoole Johnston (25 March 1798 – 8 November 1865) was an 19th-century American cartoonist, printmaker, painter and actor from Boston, Massachusetts. He was the first natively trained American to master all the various graphic arts processes of lithography, etching, metal plate engraving, and wood engraving.[1][2] In 1815 Johnston has...
1799 -  1865Anonymous05/17/2012
Jewett, Williamnotes
A painter of portraits, landscapes, and works of genre, or scenes of everyday life, William Smith Jewett became California’s first resident professional artist. Jewett was born near South Dover, New York, and he studied at New York City’s prestigious National Academy of Design. He established a portrait-painting practice in New York in 1833; in...
1792 - 1874Anonymous05/17/2012
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