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Van Elten, Hendrik D. K. 1829 - 1904Anonymous12/24/2012
Volkmar, Charles 1809 -  1892Anonymous12/23/2012
Vedder, Elihunotes
Elihu Vedder (February 26, 1836 – January 29, 1923) was an American symbolist painter, book illustrator, and poet, born in New York City. He is best known for his fifty-five illustrations for Edward FitzGerald's translation of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (deluxe edition, published by Houghton Mifflin). Biography Elihu Vedder was born February 26,...
1836 - 1923Anonymous11/12/2012
Verstille, William 1757 - 1803Anonymous10/13/2012
Valdenuit, Thomas Bluget Denotes
Thomas Bludget de Valdenuit (1763 - 1846). Thomas Bludget de Valdenuit was the business partner of Saint Memin, and would often execute the drawings that were later engraved. Their first advertisement for the "celebrated Physiognotrace of Paris" was issued in 1797 in New York.
1763 - 1846Anonymous06/05/2012
Voll, F. Ushernotes
De Voll’s paintings include scenes of Providence and New York City, often showing the marine activities of the Hudson River and the New York harbor Biography Frederick Usher De Voll was an American landscapist who depicted scenes of New York City and his home town of Providence, Rhode Island. He exhibited frequently throughout his lifetime at...
1873 - 1941Anonymous05/19/2012
Vinton, Frederick Porternotes
Frederic Porter Vinton (January 29, 1846 – May 19, 1911), sometimes spelled "Frederick", was an American portrait painter from Bangor, Maine. He grew up in Chicago, and moved to Boston in 1861[1] For twenty years he worked as a bookkeeper, during which he studied art under William Rimmer at the Lowell Institute. Soon after studying at the...
1846 - 1911Anonymous05/19/2012
Vail, Aramenta Dianthe 1820 - 1888Anonymous05/19/2012
Vos, Hubert 1855 - 1935Anonymous05/15/2012
Vanderlyn, Pieternotes
Pieter Vanderlyn (* 1687 , † 1778 in Shawangunk ) was an American painter of Dutch origin. He is the Patroon Painters counted. Vanderlyn in 1718 emigrated from the Netherlands, probably via Curacao to New York one. It is unclear where he then resided, presumably in Kingston on the Hudson River , 130 km north of New York , or Albany . He...
1687 - 1778Anonymous04/21/2012
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