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Beauregard, Charles Grantnotes
Charles Grant Beauregard (* 1856 in Montreal , † 1919 in Troy) was an American painter. Life and Work Even as a young man wandered from Beauregard in the State of New York and lived there the majority of his life in Troy, where he worked as a teacher at the Emma Willard Private School. While he initially dealt with portraiture, he later turned to...
1856 - 1919Anonymous12/28/2012
Beard, William Holbrooknotes
William Holbrook Beard began his career as portrait painter. In 1856, he traveled to Italy, Germany, and Switzerland with fellow artists Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Worthington Whittredge. In 1858, Beard briefly settled in Buffalo, New York, helping to establish an art community that eventually culminated in the establishment of the Buffalo Fine...
1824 - 1900Anonymous12/28/2012
Beaman, Gamaliel Waldonotes
As a young man, Beaman had a studio on Tremont Street in Boston.  Although Beaman studied at the Lowell Institute and in Paris in the late 1870s, his preference was for a more rural lifestyle.  He moved to Northfield, Massachusetts where he lived with a hermit atop the mountain back of Northfield village.  In coming down to the village he passed...
1852 - 1937Anonymous12/28/2012
Beal, Reynolds 1867 - 1951Anonymous12/28/2012
Bartlett, William Henrynotes
William Henry Bartlett (March 26, 1809 – September 13, 1854) was a British artist, best known for his numerous steel engravings. Biography Bartlett was born in Kentish Town, London in 1809. He was apprenticed to John Britton (1771–1857), and became one of the foremost illustrators of topography of his generation. He travelled throughout...
1809 - 1854Anonymous12/28/2012
Bard, Jamesnotes
James Bard was a marine artist of the 19th century. He is known for his paintings of watercraft, particularly of steamboats. His works are sometimes characterized as naïve art. Although Bard died poor and almost forgotten, his works have since become valuable. Bard had a twin brother, John (1815–1856) and they collaborated on earlier...
1815 - 1897Anonymous12/28/2012
Baldwin, Albertus H. 1865 - 1935Anonymous12/28/2012
Baker, William Blissnotes
William Bliss Baker (October or November 1859[3] – November 20, 1886)[1][4] was an American artist born in New York City[2] who was just beginning to hit his stride as a landscape painter in the Realism movement[5] when he died at his father's house at Hoosick Falls, New York at about the age of 27[n 1] due to a back injury received while ice...
1859 - 1886Anonymous12/28/2012
Baker, Martha Susan 1871 - 1911Anonymous12/28/2012
Badger, Josephnotes
Joseph Badger (ca.1707–1765) was a portrait artist in Boston, Massachusetts in the 18th-century. He painted some 80 portraits of merchants, businessmen, clergy, and other notables, and their wives and children. Biography Badger was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, to tailor Stephen Badger and Mercy Kettell. In 1731 he married Katharine Felch;...
1707 - 1765Anonymous12/28/2012
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