NameInfoYearsUpdated byDate
Hildebrandt, Cornelia Ellis 1876 - 1962Anonymous03/20/2012
Rowse, Samuel Worcester 1822 - 1901Anonymous03/20/2012
Svinin, Pavel Petrovich 1787/88 - 1839Alexander Lusher03/18/2012
Peterson, Jane 1876 - 1965Alexander Lusher03/18/2012
Pope, Alexander 1849 - 1924Alexander Lusher03/18/2012
Sully, Lawrence 1769 - 1804Anonymous02/20/2012
Sacco, Luca 1858 -  1912Anonymous02/20/2012
Woodhouse, C.L. Active ca. 1869Anonymous02/20/2012
Taylor, Charles Jay 1855 - 1929Anonymous02/20/2012
Doughty, Thomasnotes
Thomas Doughty was born in Philadelphia on July 19, 1793, and lived there until 1828. Although little is known about his formal education, he apparently showed a strong talent for drawing from an early age. When he was fifteen or sixteen Doughty was apprenticed to a leather worker, and by 1814 he was listed in the Philadelphia directory as a...
1793 - 1856Anonymous02/12/2012
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