The Artists

Each White Mountain artist had certain characteristics that would distinguish his work. Some painted particular vistas depicted in each of the four seasons of the year. Champney was a master at painting water and is known for often favoring warm autumn colors. Paskell, in his later style, used broad brushstrokes and bright colors to create an impressionistic feeling. McConnell was known for the velvety pastel look of his paintings. Edward Hill often created a canopy-like depiction of trees to frame and accentuate the focus of a painting, a technique that gave many of his works a feeling of intimacy... Read more
Scott J.W.A.
Doughty T.
Hill T.
Champney B.
Kensett J.F.
Cole T.
Fisher A.
Ordway A.T.
Boardman W.G.
Bricher A.T.
Bierstadt A.
Hodgdon S.P.
Gerry S.
Richards W.T.
Knapp C.W.
Hill E.
Brown G.L.
Defrees T.
Butman F.A.
Frost F.S.
Hilliard W.H.
Lewis E.D.
Paskell W.F.
McConnell G.
Freeman B.
Eldred L.D.
Howe H.H.
Stanwood F.
Other artists
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