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Smibert, Johnnotes
John Smybert (or Smibert) (1688–1751), Scottish American artist, was born in Edinburgh and died in Boston, Massachusetts. Smibert began drawing while apprenticed as a painter and plasterer, on moving to London he worked as a painter of coach carriages and a copyist. He studied under Sir James Thornhill at his academy, then travelled to Edinburgh...
1688 - 1751Anonymous04/11/2012
The Pollard Limnernotes
The Pollard Limner, identified on the basis of his portrait of Ann Pollard, 1721, was active in the Boston area from around the last decade of the seventeenth century through the first third of the eighteenth century. So far some twenty paintings by this hand have been identified. Stylistically, all of The Pollard Limner's portraits are related by...
Born 1690Anonymous04/05/2012
Pelham, Peternotes
Peter Pelham (ca. 1695[1] – December 1751), American limner and engraver, was born in England, a son of a man named "gentleman" in his will. His father, who died in Chichester, Sussex, in 1756, is revealed in letters to his son in America as a man of some property.[2] London Pelham was one of several London artists who learned the then new...
1695 - 1751Anonymous05/19/2012
Feke, Robert 1705 - 1752Anonymous05/16/2012
Badger, Josephnotes
Joseph Badger (ca.1707–1765) was a portrait artist in Boston, Massachusetts in the 18th-century. He painted some 80 portraits of merchants, businessmen, clergy, and other notables, and their wives and children. Biography Badger was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, to tailor Stephen Badger and Mercy Kettell. In 1731 he married Katharine Felch;...
1707 - 1765Anonymous12/28/2012
Wollaston, Johnnotes
John Wollaston (active between 1742 and 1775) was an English painter of portraits who was active in the British colonies in North America for much of his career. He was one of a handful of painters to introduce the English Rococo style to the American colonies.[1] Biography Little is known of Wollaston's early life. He is believed to have been...
1710 - 1775Anonymous04/10/2012
Theus, Jeremiahnotes
Jeremiah Theus (sometimes Jeremiah Theüs[note 1]) (April 5, 1716 – May 17, 1774) was a Swiss-born American painter, primarily of portraits. He was active mainly around Charleston, South Carolina, in which city he remained almost without competition for the bulk of his career.[1] Early life and career Theus was born in the city of Chur, in the...
1716 - 1774Anonymous05/19/2012
The Schuyler Limnernotes
The designation "Schuyler Limner" or "Schuyler Painter" can be applied to the anonymous maker, active circa 1717 to circa 1725, of some two dozen early eighteenth-century portraits of subjects from the Albany, New York, area. The name is derived from what appears to be the earliest and most ambitious effort by the artist, the full-length portrait...
Born 1717Anonymous05/19/2012
Kilburn, Lawrence 1720 - 1775Anonymous04/10/2012
Pine, Robert Edgenotes
Robert Edge Pine was an English portraitist and history painter who spent the last four years of his life in the United States. He was one of the first artists to paint history paintings of the events of the American Revolution. Pine was born in London, around 1730, the son of engraver John Pine. His exact birth date has never been discovered, and...
1720 -  1788Anonymous03/31/2012
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