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Tieling, Lodewijk Active ca. 1700Anonymous05/16/2012
Sullivan, M.A. Active ca. 1868Anonymous12/23/2012
Roberts, Marynotes
Mary Roberts (died 1761) was an American miniaturist active in Charleston, South Carolina in the 1740s and 1750s. One of the earliest American miniaturists, and the first woman recorded as working in the medium in the American colonies,[1] she is also believed to have painted the first watercolor-on-ivory miniature in the...
Active ca. 1745 - 1755Anonymous10/15/2012
Hunten, F. G. W. Active ca. 1850Anonymous05/16/2012
Mead, F. A. Active ca. 1870Anonymous12/24/2012
Porter, John S. Active ca. 1820Anonymous03/30/2012
Waite, A. P. Active ca. 1850Anonymous06/04/2012
Wales, J. C. Active ca. 1883Anonymous05/15/2012
Franks, William Active ca. 1795Anonymous05/15/2012
Sargent, John Singer Active ca. 1870 - 1925Anonymous07/29/2012
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