NameInfoYearsUpdated byDate
Porter, John S. Active ca. 1820Anonymous03/30/2012
Pillement, Follower of Jean-Baptiste 1727 - 1808Anonymous03/30/2012
Pine, Robert Edgenotes
Robert Edge Pine was an English portraitist and history painter who spent the last four years of his life in the United States. He was one of the first artists to paint history paintings of the events of the American Revolution. Pine was born in London, around 1730, the son of engraver John Pine. His exact birth date has never been discovered, and...
1720 -  1788Anonymous03/31/2012
Pratt, Matthewnotes
Matthew Pratt was born in Philadelphia in 1734. He served an apprenticeship with his uncle James Claypoole, a limner and painter, from 1749 to 1755. Pratt opened a similar business which he interrupted with a brief speculative trading voyage to Jamaica. When he returned to Philadelphia he began to paint portraits, at which he proved very...
1734 - 1805Anonymous03/31/2012
Pennell, Joseph 1857 - 1926Anonymous03/31/2012
Phillips, Amminotes
Ammi Phillips painted for more than fifty years, producing perhaps as many as two thousand portraits in so many disparate styles that his works were once thought to be by several different artists. Currently about five hundred works can be attributed to him, most sharing the characteristics of plain backgrounds, strongly contrasting light and dark...
1788 - 1865Anonymous03/31/2012
Post, William Merritt 1856 - 1935Anonymous03/31/2012
Potts, William Sherman 1876 - 1930Anonymous03/31/2012
Parshall, DeWitt 1864 - 1956Anonymous03/31/2012
Phillips, Jay Campbell 1873 - 1948Anonymous03/31/2012
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