About This Project

Welcome to American Art Gallery, an online educational resource solely focused on American Art. This project contains profiles of American artists and their artwork created from 17th through 20th century…

While the content is currently limited to paintings only, we are actively working to add sculpture and other arts and crafts as well as general information on American art history and welcome any suggestions on how to make it more comprehensive.

This project is intended to serve as a central point of reference for everything related to American Art. While there is plenty of content around, it is scattered across different websites and hard to find unless you know what to look for.

This project is available to everyone and we hope that K-12 and college students will particularly benefit from using it. Unlike all many art related websites, it has intuitive user interface, advanced search functionality and allows any registered contributor adding content via automated wizards. If you want to help us building this source of communal education, send us a request at info@americanartgallery.org.

This Month in History

November 8th, 2010Jack Levine, American painter (b. 1915), died.
November 11th, 1917Margaret Taylor-Burroughs, American artist and writer, is born.
November 14th, 1897John Steuart Curry, American painter and lithographer, is born.
November 17th, 1799Titian Ramsey Peale, American artist and naturalist, is born.
November 17th, 1925Libby Newman, painter, printmaker, and curator, is born.
November 18th, 1976Man Ray, American artist and photographer, dies at 86.
November 21st, 2010Margaret Taylor-Burroughs, American artist and writer, died.
November 22nd, 1886William Bliss Baker, American painter (b. 1859), died.
November 23rd, 1920Wayne Thiebaud, American painter, is born.
November 25th, 1945Patrick Nagel, American artist (d. 1984), is born.
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