NameCountryStateCityUpdated by
Carter Burden collection   igrkio07/23/2012
Collection of Carol & Terence Wall   igrkio07/23/2012
Collection of Erving and Joyce Wolf   igrkio07/23/2012
Collection of Flora Whitney Miller   igrkio07/23/2012
Collection of Harry and Cookie Spiro   igrkio07/23/2012
Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth IIUK Londonigrkio07/23/2012
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Field   igrkio07/23/2012
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Thume   igrkio07/23/2012
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Ross   igrkio07/23/2012
Collection of Robbie and Sam Vickers   igrkio07/23/2012
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