Main Artists

This informal association was America's first so-called school of painting and the dominant landscape style until the Civil War. The name derives from a group of 19th-century landscape painters working in New York state. With realistic composition, they depicted romantic views of unsettled areas of the Hudson River Valley especially lakes, rocky gorges, and forests in the Catskill Mountains. About a fourth of these artists utilized luminism or effects with special lighting techniques to convey lofty emotions through contrasts of light and dark.
Albert Bierstadt
John William Casilear
Johann Hermann Carmiencke
Samuel Colman
Jasper Francis Cropsey
Thomas Doughty
Robert Duncanson
Asher Brown Durand
James McDougal Hart
William Hart
Martin Johnson Heade
Hermann Ottomar Herzog
Thomas Hill
David Johnson
Jervis McEntee
Thomas Moran
Worthington Whittredge
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