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Bush, Nortonnotes
Norton Bush was first noted for his portraits, marine views and landscapes of the East Coast and California. Later in his career, after visiting Central and South America, Bush devoted himself to his favorite topic, painting tropical scenery.  Norton Bush was born in Rochester, New York, Feb.22, 1834. He first studied art in his native city under...
1834 - 1894Anonymous04/09/2012
Bridges, Fidelianotes
Fidelia Bridges (May 19, either 1834 or 1835–1923) was one of the minute population of successful female artists in the 19th century and early 20th century. She painted small aspects of nature: flowers, birds, and other plants in their natural settings. She first was an oil painter and later took up watercolor painting. She was known for her...
1834 - 1923Anonymous04/08/2012
Beers, Julie Hartnotes
Julie Hart Beers Kempson is regarded as among the best and perhaps the only woman artist of nineteenth-century America to specialize in landscapes. Biography Julie Hart Beers Kempson, a painter of the Hudson River School, was one of very few professional women landscape painters in nineteenth-century America and the only one to achieve any...
1835 - 1913Anonymous12/28/2012
Bricher, Alfred Thompsonnotes
A specialist in marine and coastal paintings, Alfred Thompson Bricher was celebrated for his precise depictions of waves breaking at the shoreline. Bricher was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and grew up in Newburyport, on the Massachusetts coast. He worked as a clerk in a dry-goods store in Boston while painting in his spare time. Bricher may...
1837 - 1908Anonymous11/17/2012
Brooks, Marianotes
Known for her oil portraits, landscapes, genre, and flower paintings, Maria Brooks studied at the South Kensington and Royal Academy Schools in London. She opened a studio in the Windsor Hotel, Montreal, in 1881, and was known to be working in Quebec City in 1886. Sometime after this, she left Canada for the United States, painting in New York in 1889...
1837 - 1913Anonymous04/18/2013
Bouguereau, Elizabeth Gardnernotes
Elizabeth Jane Gardner (October 4, 1837-January 28, 1922) was an American academic and salon painter, who was born in Exeter, New Hampshire. She was an American expatriate who died in Paris where she had lived most of her life. She studied in Paris under the figurative painter Hugues Merle (1823-1881), the well-known salon painter Jules Joseph...
1837 - 1922Anonymous05/18/2012
Butler, George Bernardnotes
George Bernard Butler, Jr. (1838-1907), portrait, genre, animal, and still life painter, was born in New York City, where he studied art under Thomas Hicks. In 1859 he went to Paris to study under Thomas Couture, then returned to serve in the military during the Civil War. Despite the loss of his right arm, Butler continued his art career in New York...
1838 - 1907Anonymous10/15/2012
Bacon, Henrynotes
Henry Bacon (1839 in Haverhill, Massachusetts – 13 March 1912 in Cairo[1]) was an American painter and author. Henry A. Bacon was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1839. During the American Civil War, he enlisted in the Union Army on 16 July 1861[2] and acted as a field artist for Frank Leslie's Weekly while he served as a soldier within the 13th...
1839 - 1912Anonymous12/23/2012
Benson, Eugene 1839 -  1908Anonymous12/28/2012
Bunce, William Gedney 1840 - 1916Anonymous05/18/2012
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