The National Gallery of Denmark is Denmark’s premier museum of art.


        Accessibility, education, and exhibition



- the Gallery is tasked with elucidating Danish and foreign art, primarily art from Western culture dating from the 14th century onwards.

The vision is to be a leading national gallery

The vision signals how other national galleries are the main benchmark when measuring and evaluating the Gallery’s performance.

The National Gallery of Denmark wishes to be an indispensable source of knowledge for art from Denmark and abroad in Denmark by taking an innovative approach to the museum function. The National Gallery of Denmark wishes to combine gravitas with a lightness of touch by giving the classics a contemporary edge, by making the visit to the Gallery an event where you get a fresh outlook in every sense of the term.

The National Gallery of Denmark wishes to be serious without seeming sombre, popular without seeming common. The National Gallery of Denmark should be a sight to see, and we should break with established patterns, break down barriers. The National Gallery of Denmark serves as a treasure trove of art, but precisely because art is also transgressive, we, too, must test established boundaries on our presentation, education, and research activities.

Through its take on (art) history, the Gallery must be contemporary and relevant – and this ongoing focus on the contemporary makes it part of history. The Gallery will provide insights to widen our outlook. The Gallery will at all times offer an open forum for ongoing discussions about art, art history, and artists. At the same time, the Gallery will create social settings that support the visual space.

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