With a large collection of oils, watercolours and prints in stock, the Mathaf Gallery, after 30 years of business, still leads the world in 19th century paintings of Arabia, known as Orientalism. From David Roberts lithographs to oils by Ludwig Deutsch and Jean-Léon Gérôme, we have Orientalist paintings to suit every requirement. The Mathaf will also undertake commissioned work in portrait painting, falconry, historical reconstruction and scenic views, through our team of contemporary artists on contract to the gallery.

The Mathaf Gallery is uniquely qualified to assist clients in collecting and valuing paintings. Our customers buy and sell, confident in the knowledge that they are receiving the best possible advice and expertise, whether they are Museums or individual collectors.


We carefully select our paintings for their quality, condition, subject and price, and we offer them at competitive prices.

Each 19th century painting sold is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, the Mathaf Gallery being a member of the Society of London Art Dealers, The London and Provincial Antique Dealers Association and the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce.

Our 19th century paintings are mostly framed in attractive hand-carved gold leaf frames decorated with Islamic motifs to complement the beauty and subject matter of the paintings.

We have all our paintings professionally photographed and can send  clients colour images of any works of interest. Alternatively, we can email images if this is preferable.

We can arrange to pack and ship paintings to clients both in the UK and abroad.


We are often offered paintings by our clients and contacts from around the world and we can either sell them on commission, or buy from them at an agreed net price to the gallery.

We can also arrange private sales and purchases between individuals as a faster, discreet and more personal service than that received when dealing through the auction rooms. With ever increasing commission rates being charged to both the buyer and seller at auction, this option is proving an attractive alternative.

We can provide valuations of 19th Century Orientalist paintings for insurance purposes. We base our valuations on our opinions on the current market and on the recent sale history of comparative paintings at auction.

Charges for professional valuations of 19th century Orientalist paintings for insurance purposes are on a sliding fee scale as recommended by LAPADA, plus travelling expenses if applicable.


Source: Mathaf Gallery
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