Founded by Herbert Westervelt as Prairie States Paper Corporation in 1884, we have seen much in our 128 year history: The Great Depression, both World Wars, not one but two turns-of-the-century, and a host of our own historical events that have woven into a tapestry we call The Westervelt Company.

And while our past has seen us make grocery bags, paper, and paperboard packaging, today we are a land resource organization taking an environmentally responsible, socially aware Highest And Best Use (HBU) approach to our nearly 500,000 acres of timberland and natural resources.

Our businesses span a vast range - sporting lodges, comprehensive wildlife managementSFI-certified forestryand Southern yellow pine lumber manufacturing, residential real estate, and ecological restoration servicesincluding mitigation and conservation banking - and each is committed to the preservation of our resources for future generations. It's how we intrepret and model sustainability.

So when we're asked "Who is The Westervelt Company?" we say, quite simply, "We are stewards, and we're about the land."

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