George Haller established GALLERY 44 in 1965. Over his forty year career in the art field, Mr. Haller has studied, collected and sold art from many periods and styles. The primary genre of his current collection is of early American artists, more specifically the Hudson River School of artistic presentation. These artists, and their related works, portray landscapes and scenes from everyday life from that era. The works available from the gallery are primarily oil on canvas, but the occasional charcoal sketch made by the artist prior to the actual commencement of the painting may be available. Many of the collection’s artists were members or associate members of the National Academy of Design. Many of the pieces of the collection have been exhibited at various museums and well renown exhibitions held in the past. The art that has been on loan or shown at these facilities is noted in their descriptions contained on this site.

   However, Mr. Haller's collection does indeed have other periods and other styles with it. Mr. Haller's collection has been described as an example of his eclectic tastes in art.  There are examples of aboriginal art from Central America, works from European artists and examples of scenes from Europe and other parts of theworld.

   It is our fervent hope that you enjoy these pictures made from worksavailable for sale from GALLERY 44, and are able to browse the listings of other artists and other works that are available for sale. Serious inquiries will be responded to, so feel free to e-mail us with your interest area or specific work.

Source: Gallery 44 LLC
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