Farrell’s Fine Arts, located in Marlborough, Massachusetts is active primarily in American impressionism with a strong emphasis on artists associated with Cape Ann, Cape Cod and Monhegan Island painters. We are always pursuing those special coastal or harbor scenes, working village or rare Grand Banks fishing scenes, or those wonderful New England interior scenes. There’s something so very wonderful about a Rockport morning, a garden scene with a coastal background, an interior maple sugaring scene or a painting that captures one of New England’s many rivers and streams.

In addition, our gallery is active in:

·         Still Life

·         Landscapes

·         Boston School Artists

·         Maritime / Marine Artists

·         American Portraits

·         American Women Artists

Only the highest quality paintings from noted artists are retained for our clients. This means the top ten percent of any given works by a particular artist are acceptable for our inventory. Our client’s appreciate our efforts in locating superb works for their collections. A substantial portion of our sales are derived from locating paintings from our client’s “want list”. As such, we keep our inventory at a level that is manageable. Should you see a particular painting on our Web-site that is desirable to you, we suggest you contact us at your earliest convenience. We will contact you within that day to answer any questions you may have. Remember, paintings are one-of-a-kind and so we operate on a first-come basis.

If you would like us to locate a particular high grade works of art for your special needs then, please give us a call and feel the satisfaction of knowing that you have selected a gallery that enjoys our work and in pleasing our clients.

We would also welcome the opportunity to purchase either individual works or entire collections. Often, we will work with our clients to arrange a satisfactory arrangement that allows them to upgrade their collections. Just give us your particular needs and we will work with you to satisfy your needs.

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