The castle is a castle of Coppet Vaud located in the territory of the municipality of Coppet, Switzerland.


The first castle dates back to Coppet, according to records at the time of Peter of Savoy from 1300, in fact, the Latin term for castellum is used in various documents of the period. This castle, with a square tower, was surrounded by ditches filled with a deviated Versoix.

Burned by the Bernese troops during the invasion of 1536, it is restored and sold successively to several local notables who gave it its appearance gradually actuelle. The present castle has been built in the eighteenth century on the ruins of the ancient castle of the thirteenth century3. It owes its international renown to Jacques Necker and his daughter, Germaine de Stael's future. The latter, exiled from Paris by Napoleon I will dye a living for many years.

The building is registered as a cultural asset of importance nationale. Proporiété private open to the public, it is served since 2004 by an association (Friends of the assocation Coppet) loaded at a time "the conservation and enhancement of Coppet Castle Park" and the organization various events taking tiennent.

Since 2003, the European Institute of the University of Geneva has set up its center at the castle archives européennes, some fifty of archive "for the construction of Europe policy in the twentieth century. »


The current building is composed of many distinct parts: a medieval tower, built using South in 1665, the north wing and the central body in 1715. The set has been redesigned and restauté in the late eighteenth century.

Source: Wikipedia
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