Metropolitan Museum of Art

Artwork Details 

Title: Portrait of a Lady (Possibly of the Buloid Family)
Dated: 1832
Medium: Oil on wood
Dimensions: 33 x 25 3/8 in. (83.8 x 64.5 cm)
Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art
City, State: New York, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buloid, New York and New Rochelle, New York, died 1885; Mrs. Buloid's sister-in-law, Grace (Mrs. Lawrence) Davenport, New Rochelle, died 1890; her granddaughter, Grace Davenport Thorne, New Rochelle, died 1919, subject to a life estate; her sister, Elizabeth H. J. (Mrs. Francis) Cowdrey, New Rochelle, died 1929