(1804 - 1859)

Törmer : Benno Frederick T. (Not Thörmer how Nagler writes) Painter, was born on 4 July 1804 in Dresden-Neustadt, the second son of the Royal. Saxon. Captain and drawing teacher at the Engineering Academy of Dresden born. Because he wanted to devote himself to painting, he entered the Art Academy there on 6 November 1819th Already in the next, as in several of the following years he was working for his academic study honorable mentions his name, and partly to Belobungsscheine. The relation to his master and teacher Karl Vogel von Vogelstein was very cordial, of which place the student with some kind words from the master's drawings devoted to testimony. When the bird's work in the royal summer palace at Pillnitz (Church and dining room), he was active. In August of 1829 was awarded the T. academic travel grant for two years to undertake a study tour to Italy, this scholarship was renewed after this period for another three years. Rome was now the second home of the artist. After a short visit to his native city in the year 1835 he returned to where he lived with brief interruptions until his death. Trips he took to Kiev, London, Algiers, and often even after the old home, which he thought quite turn again, as on 6 February 1859 a heartbeat unexpectedly ended his life. - T. painted as an academy student religious and historical subjects, such as the interpretation of dreams of Joseph in prison, but in Italy he turned more to the Greek gods of legend and romantic motifs, like the others to be under 1833 in Dresden in the year issued picture : Rinaldo in Armida's enchanted garden after Tasso's "Jerusalem Delivered" proves, in later years, he created but only in the spirit of the Dutch genre paintings, one or Netscher Mieris. This work was in its time by the English in great demand and quite popular. A picture of this period, "The Music Lesson" titled, is located on the Royal Gallery at Dresden. Another of his paintings, a "falcon hunters with the ladies," bought at the Saxon Art Association in the year 1839th Three other images were reproduced by the bite of the images chronicle of Saxon Art Association, the "lady at the finery table", engraved by A. Kruger, "Rinaldo and Armida," engraved by E. Stölzel and "overheard nymphs in the bath of Satyr" razor von Kluge. In the early fifties, was in part the post of chair of the papal legate, Saxon, and in July 1853 awarded him the title of professor of Dresden. - Except for the beautiful part also had great interest in the natural sciences, which he has done as a tireless researcher some services. He was an honorary member of the Society of Natural History in Dresden patriotic.

After a communication Törmer's nephew, the painter Hugo Törmer in Loschwitz in Dresden.

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Source: Wikipedia
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